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JV Cheerleading Mandatory Spirit Pack
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E164 Short Story
E149 Honors World Literature
E111 English I - Track 1
E116 English 1 - Track 6
E119 English 1 - Honors Track 9
E121 American Literature - Track 1
E126 American Literature - Track 6
E129 Honors American Literature
E150 AP English Language
Senior Sweatshirt
Fine Arts
A070 Honors Architecture 2
A012 Photography 1
A026 Structural Design
A032 Studio Art 1
A067 Architecture I
A103 Honors Studio 3
A013 - Honors Photography 2
A039 3D Studio Art
A030 AP Studio Art
A027 Graphic Design
A038s Studio 2: Art & Social Change
A105 Portfolio Development
Cross Country
Boys Cross Country
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Girls Cross Country
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Field Hockey
Field Hockey Optional Apparel
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Social Studies
H254 Modern Global Issues
Boys Lacrosse
Girls Lacrosse
  > Girls Lacrosse Mandatory Headband
  > L616 Latin I
  > L619 Honors Latin I
  > L626 Latin II
  > L629 Honors Latin II
  > L636 Latin III
  > L639 Honors Latin III
  > L646 Latin IV
  > L649 Honors Latin IV
  > L640 AP Latin
  > L679 Honors Greek III
  > L659 Honors Greek I
  > L669 Honors Greek II
    • Languages
  > L690 Greek IV
  > L736 French III
  > L739 Honors French III
  > L746 French IV
  > L749 Honors French IV
  > L750 AP French
  > L940 AP Chinese
  > L949 Honors Chinese IV
  > L946 Chinese IV
  > L916 Chinese I
  > L919 Honors Chinese I
  > L926 Chinese II
  > L929 Honors Chinese II
  > L936 Chinese III
  > L939 Honors Chinese III
  > L816 Spanish I
  > L819 Honors Spanish I
  > L826 Spanish II
  > L829 Honors Spanish II
  > L836 Spanish III
  > L846S Spanish 4: Immersion
  > L839 Honors Spanish III
  > L840 AP Spanish Language
  > L849 Honors Spanish IV
  > L850 AP Spanish Literature
  > L846 Spanish IV
Loyola Planner
Physical Education
P916 Physical Education 1
P917 Physical Education 1
P926 Physical Education 2
JV Softball Mandatory Player Pack
Varsity Softball Mandatory Player Pack
Softball Optional Items
Swimming and Diving
Boys Swimming and Diving
Girls Swimming and Diving
  > Girls Swimming and Diving Optional Apparel
Boys Tennis
  > Boys Varsity Tennis Mandatory Player Pack
  > Boys Tennis Optional Apparel
  > Boys Tennis Frosh/Soph Mandatory Player Pack
Girls Tennis
  > Girls Tennis Optional Apparel
  > Girls Varsity Tennis Mandatory Player Pack
Girls Frosh/Soph Mandatory Player Pack
Boys Volleyball
  > Boys Freshmen Volleyball Mandatory Player Pack
  > Boys JV Volleyball Mandatory Player Pack
  > Volleyball Optional Spirit Wear
  > Boys Volleyball Varsity Mandatory Player Pack
Girls Volleyball
  > Girls Freshmen Volleyball Mandatory Player Pack
  > Girls Volleyball Optional Apparel
  > Varsity Girls Volleyball Mandatory Player Pack
  > Girls Volleyball Optional Items
Wrestling Mandatory Spirit Pack
Wrestling Optional Apparel
Wrestling Optional Items
Boys Soccer
  > Boys Soccer Optional Apparel
    • JV and Freshman Soccer Mandatory Player Pack
  > Varsity Soccer Mandatory Player Pack
Girls Soccer
  > Girls Varsity Soccer Mandatory Player Pack
  > JV Girls Soccer Mandatory Player Pack
  > Freshman Girls Soccer Mandatory Player Pack
  > Girls Soccer Optional Apparel
  > Soccer Backpack
Soccer Car Magnet
Sophomore Soccer Mandatory Player Pack
Bowling Optional Items
Ladies Bowling Optional Items
Marching Band
Dance Collective
Concert Choir
Honors Chamber Singers
  > S511 Biology - Track 1
  > S516 Biology - Track 6
  > S519 Honors Biology
Oceans and Atmosphere
  > S528 Oceans and Atmosphere
  > S530 AP Chemistry
  > S531 Chemistry - Track 1
  > S539 Honors Chemistry
  > S490 AP Physics 2
  > S651 Physics - Track 1 (Freshman)
  > S656 Physics - Track 6 (Freshman)
  > S659 Physics - Honors Physics (Freshman)
  > Physics Track 3
  > S556 Physics - Track 6
Environmental Science
  > S529 Honors Environmental Science
R445 Christology/Faith through Film & Fiction
R447 Christology/God & Science in Post Modernity
R448 Christology/World Religions
R426 Sacred Stories II & Church in the World